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Vraagprijs : 1200 USD
4.812.00 SRD
1.068.60 EUR
Bekeken :704 keer
sinds 21-06-2018, 14:34

Citycoco 1000w 12Ah Lithium Battery Electric Harley Scooter Big Tires Adult Bike

This is a brand new Citycoco 1000w electric scooter with Bluetooth ... Alarm ... Front Suspension ... and Rear Shock Absorbers all included at no extra cost !!!!! one of these, they are absolutely fantastic, a real head turner and fun to ride around on, anyone that sees you on one of these will definitely ask where you got it from ... they are a real eye catcher, great for personal use or a present for someone you love that you will enjoy this fun scooter ... unlikely that you will see anyone else on one of these ... be the trend setter !!!!!

available in VARIOUS COLORS !!!!! ... please phone us for colors available and any questions you might ... we will be more than happy to help !!!!! ...

Contact Details
Sales Manager: Benjamin Floyd Guzman
Whatsapp consultation: +14848419285
Facebook Consultation: Benjamin Floyd Guzman
Company Name: Teletech Global Electronics Limited
Location: Colorado, USA

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Benjamin Guzman


Telefoon : 4848419285

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